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Our Gas Services Include

  • Gas Appliance Services

  • Gas Safety & Compliance Audits

  • LPG Services

  • Gas Pressure Testing
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

  • Gas Leak Detection

  • Carbon Monoxide Testing

  • Gas Mains Extensions

Adelaide Plumber are more than capable in handling all of your gas appliance problems. Able to install, service and repair your gas appliances, you don’t need to look further for gas plumbing experts that will get the job done right. Our Certificate of Compliance (COC) proves that we have the required knowledge and skill to successfully install, repair and service gas appliances.

Some of the appliances we work with include:

  • Gas heaters
  • Gas water heaters
  • Gas barbecues
  • Gas stoves
    • Gas cook tops
    • Gas ovens

An incorrectly installed gas appliance is hazardous, polluting your house with carbon monoxide and increasing the risks of a house fire occurring. Our licensed plumbers are also able to perform carbon monoxide tests and take corrective action if you suspect that there might be a gas leak in your home.

If you have recently moved, you may need to convert your gas appliances. Using a natural gas appliance with LPG and vice versa can be very dangerous as they are not designed to be interchangeable without being converted. LPG conversions can be quite complex depending on the manufacturer of the gas appliance, and they should only be carried out by a qualified expert. Our plumbers will be able to contact manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that your appliance can be converted, as not all appliances are designed to change between LPG and natural gas, and order the parts needed to make the change. They will also change the product labeling so your gas appliances remain compliant with standards.

We also provide emergency plumbing services, 24/7 and even during holiday periods. Whether you have burst piping, overflowing or blocked drains, or a gas leak, we guarantee that there will be an experienced plumber on call to assist you. We also understand that emergency situations require the same amount of effort and skill that is put into daytime jobs to ensure customer satisfaction, and the prevention of future emergencies.

Adelaide Plumber provides industry standard plumbing services to Metropolitan Adelaide, regardless of the time or day. Our plumbers will use their expertise to correctly assess the situation to provide you with an effective, long-term solution.

Here are a few examples of emergencies our plumbers can assist you with:

  • Blocked drains
  • Burst piping
  • No hot water
    • Electric units
    • Gas units
  • Leaks
    • Water leaks
    • Gas leaks
    • Leaking taps
  • Insurance repairs

If you notice any symptoms of an emergency, such as gas odours or excess leaking, don’t hesitate in calling us. Our plumbers are equipped with an extensive range of tools, ensuring that they are always ready and able to assist in emergencies.

If you need emergency plumbing assistance in Metropolitan Adelaide, call us anytime on 1300 000 000.

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